The Parable of the Aspen Grove

Jesus asked, What parable shall we use to describe the kingdom of God? He answered with the metaphor of the mustard seed. At AGCPN we answered that question with the parable of the aspen grove. Aspen groves:
  • are among the earth’s largest living organisms
  • are individual trees sharing DNA through its powerful and intricate root system
  • are one yet many
  • grow best in this connectional system
  • rarely grow alone and always reproduce
  • are the first to spring up in a burnt-out landscape
  • provide a diverse and sheltering canopy for many kinds of flora and fauna
The Church:
  • is among God’s largest living organisms. Maybe the largest.
  • is one yet many
  • grows best connected to one another
  • is called to reproduce (churches not only individual Christians)
  • often springs up in places of need
  • offers the shelter of God’s grace for all
Our vision at AGCPN is to connect gospel-centered, kingdom-minded churches through partnerships that will allow them to channel the resources and energy toward church planting throughout the west. Churches connected to AGCPN will have greater ability to join God in bringing his kingdom about here and now.


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