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Aspen Grove Church Planting Network exists to start church-planting churches throughout the Western U.S. and beyond

We cultivate new churches through recruiting, equipping, funding, and caring for church planters and church plants. We plant churches in the major cities and cultural centers of the western U. S. and those churches in turn cultivate church planting in that region, thus creating clusters of church planting churches or mini-networks in each region. Our vision can best be articulated through Jesus' parable of the mustard seed and our retelling of it in the parable of the aspen grove.

The Parable of the Aspen Grove

Then Jesus continued, “What can we say the kingdom of God is like? How shall we put it in a parable? It is like a tiny grain of mustard-seed which, when it is sown, is smaller than any seed that is ever sown. But after it is sown in the earth, it grows up and becomes bigger than any other plant. It shoots out great branches so that birds can come and nest in its shelter.”

Mark 4:30-32

What can we say the kingdom of God is like? How shall we put it in a parable? It is like an aspen grove which reproduces new trees from the roots of established trees allowing it to become one of the largest living organisms on earth. Aspen groves become a network, sharing DNA and resources through their root system making them one of the most successful and widely distributed native trees in North America. They provide beauty and shelter for all.

Church plants also grow and thrive best when connected to the life-shaping DNA and life-giving resources of a network of churches. And churches are designed by God to reproduce new churches. But that work is easier when we engage in it together.

Our mission is to plant gospel-centered, relationally based, theologically reformed, outward-focused church planting churches in the major cultural centers of the mountain west such as Denver, Colorado Springs, Phoenix, Bozeman, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Salt Lake City and beyond.


What We Provide

Planting Cohort

Often the best encouragement comes from those walking the path with you. A planter cohort is a cluster of several planters pulled together by a mutual need for friendship, including personal and professional growth. Saint Francis called these kinds of groups “spiritual friendships.”


Church planters and their families often face loneliness, burnout, and personal and family struggles. To combat this, AGCPN has designed a yearly retreat for church planters and their spouses. This is not a “how to” retreat however, but rather a “how are you?” retreat.


AGCPN assessment is a relational, thorough opportunity to gauge your potential calling as a church planter through a process that encompasses four days of working through leadership inventories, holding conversations, participating in exercises, and evaluations for a planter and spouse, if married.


AGCPN partially funds church plants in the mountain west and helps train church planters in the essential task of fundraising.


AGCPN coaching addresses the heart — your growing relationship with Christ — and your hands — what gifts and skills are needed to plant a church. As such coaching is essential to the success of a church planter.


AGCPN offers training in several different ways. Assessment, coaching, and the planting cohort all are different approaches to training. But we also offer seminars and individual training discussions during the year.

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