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Contact us

Dr. Eugene C. Scott, Director

What We Do

What We Do

We offer

– Church planter assessment
– Site and model assessment
– Training/Mentoring
– Coaching
– Church planting cohort
– Shepherding (including a retreat)
– Partial funding
– Internships
– Partnerships
– Accountability

How to Participate

How to Participate

You can participate  as

- 100% Involvement

- Partner Church

- Parent Church

- Patron Church

- Individual


God does His best work when we work together Get in touch
  • Aspen Grove Parable

Jesus asked, What parable shall we use to describe the kingdom of God? We’ve answered that question with the parable of the aspen grove.

Aspen groves are among the earth’s largest living organisms. In an aspen grove each individual tree shares DNA through its powerful and intricate root system. They are one and many. Aspen trees grow best in this connectional system. Further, they never grow alone and always reproduce. They are the first to spring up in a burnt-out landscape and provide a diverse and sheltering canopy for many kinds of flora and fauna.

The church too is one large living organism. Maybe the largest. We are one and many. God does his best work in us when we are connected and working together.

Churches are like aspen trees. They grow best when started by and connected to mature churches. Churches are designed by God to reproduce other churches and be a sheltering presence, offering the life-giving gospel to people living in dry, burnt-out soil.

Our vision at AGCPN is to connect gospel-centered, like and kingdom-minded churches through partnerships that will allow them to channel the resources and energy toward church planting throughout the west. Churches connected to AGCPN will have greater ability, through working together, to join God in bringing his kingdom about here and now.