7 Vital Church Planting Resources

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As we continue to plant churches in major cultural centers throughout the U.S., we lean heavily on a collection of church planting resources. Though every context requires special resources, we gathered some of our favorite resources for every beginning church planter. These seven resources will help your church plant hit the ground running!

1. Church Planting Networks

First, we believe that church planting networks are crucial to the work of the kingdom. Without this invaluable church planting resource, your church plant stands the high-risk of being left without the sustenance, community, and encouragement it needs to survive. While there are plenty of networks to consider (Acts 29, V3, Church Multiplication Movement, etc.), only the Aspen Grove Church Planting Network is able to provide a helpfully connected and effectively lead network. Also, we believe in casting the theological tent broadly with a strong center of reformed catholicity and soft edges. This is a helpful model for church planting in both urban and rural areas.

2. Stefan Paas- Church Planting in the Secular West: Learning from the European Experience

Stefan Paas has written a helpful analysis of church planting in secular areas of Europe. Asking questions like “why people do it, what they expect from it, and to what extent their expectations are fulfilled,” are explored throughout the text. Paas also explores how secular and market-based theories have influenced our understanding of church planting. Ultimately, Pass presents a biblical and theological framework for godly church planting. We believe that this is an invaluable resource for church planters working in the American setting.

3. Church Plant Media - churchplantmedia.com

Whether it is a one time setup or monthly subscription, Church Plant Media develops web solutions that serve the mission of the church. Their web designs are easy to use and maintain, and all at an affordable price.

4. Church Planting Conferences

Whether for an individual missionary or a sending church, church planting conferences such as Exponential or Arc Conference are incredibly helpful for casting vision and building the relationships necessary to develop helpful church plants.

5. Tim Keller - Center Church

Keller offers helpful encouragement to church planters in urban centers. He has organized his book around three cores commitments of Gospel-centered, City-centered, and Movement-centered. This provides a helpful framework for church planters in the U.S.

6. Ed Setzer and Daniel Im - Planting Missional Churches

Ed and Daniel set out to explain the term “missional” as a biblical concept that directly influences our interaction with culture. This book is a helpful introduction to church planting in an American context. This text is a helpful church planting resource for many planters in the states.

7. Redeemer Ministries' Daily Devotional.

Redeemer Ministries offers daily devotionals which can be emailed to individuals, small groups, leadership teams, etc. These devotionals encourage your congregation to take up the practice of communal study and prayer. Though this resource does not speak to every church planting context, they are an incredible resource to have in your back pocket as a church planting team.

For a more extensive list of recommended resources, see our book list!

Certainly these church planting resources cannot serve every context. However, we do believe that these resources as broadly helpful tools in the advancement of the mission of God in the U.S.

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