The mission of the Aspen Grove Church Planting Network is to serve church-planting churches through recruiting, equipping, funding, prayer

We Are

The Aspen Grove Church Planting Network is a Gospel Centered network of churches. We don't simply believe that the Gospel is the ABC's of the Christian faith, but rather it is the A to Z's. The churches which we plant are onto the Gospel as the power of God for salvation and are creating Gospel Centered communities.

The Aspen Grove Church Planting Network is a Relationally Based network of churches. We are not interested in sending out rugged individuals to plant isolated churches. Rather, we recognize that the Christian walk, but particularly the task of church planting, requires that community and relationshisp be at the core of our work. We seek to put seasoned plannters in relationship with new planters, and partnering churches in the same geographic area together.

The Aspen Grove Church Planting Network is a Outward Focused network of churches. This means that we are not just interested in propping up the institution of "the church." We are interested in seeing the world come to know Christ in thought, word, and deed. As secularism continues to influence the culture, we seek to engage it in new and culturally relevant ways.

The Aspen Grove Church Planting Network is a Theologically Reformed network of churches. We believe that we ought to be firm on the center of our Reformed tradition, but lose around the edges. This means that we are not here to serve just one denomination, but to build a community within the reformed tradition to plant church-planting churches.

Current Church Plants

For more info on current church plants and partnered churches, click here!

We Provide

Planting Cohort

A cluster of planters pulled together with a need for personal, professional, and spiritual growth.


AGCPN has designed a yearly “how are you?” retreat for church planters and their spouses.


A thorough opportunity to gauge your potential calling as a church planter and spouse. Our next assessment is August 6-9, 2019.


We offer partial funds for church plants, and train church planters in the essential task of fundraising.


This ongoing process addresses the heart and hands of every church planter and spouse.


Throughout the year, we offer coaching, planting cohorts, seminars, and individual training discussions


Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Evangelical Presbyterian Church of the West


The Aspen Grove Church Planting Network cannot continue its mission without your support! Consider ways to get involved in the kingdom advancement taking place at AGCPN.