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Join Us

Aspen Grove Church Planting Network is designed to maximize the number of churches who can participate regardless of size or budget. Because of this commitment, AGCPN has built in flexibility and connectivity into its structure. Currently, AGCPN has developed three different levels of participation.

Partner Church

This is where our roots are most deeply connected to one another and church planting. This is the group who will proactively plant churches in the West. Partner churches are those who, through a continual financial, resource, and leadership commitment, have a voice and vote in the church planting the AGCPN partners in or directs.

Partner Churches will provide vision, resources church planter internships, mentoring, coaching, accountability, and leadership to church planting in the West. In return they will receive church planter assessment, coaching, site development, training, and shepherding when needed and also be participating in the missional activity of God and see God change our culture through bringing people to himself.


Parent Church

Parent Churches may be churches who can and have planted daughter churches but who need church planter assessment, coaching, site development, training, and shepherding. These services will be provided for a fee in a tailor-made package for the parent church.


Patron Church 

Patrons reflect a level of commitment where a church or individual can make a financial donation to a church plant or the AGCPN with no long-term commitment. They may also take on a church planter or church plant as a prayer partner. A Patron may also donate talent and gifts in kind to a church plant or AGCPN. In turn they will receive regular reports and updates on how they are part of God bringing people to himself through church planting.

Together we can be a part of God’s saving and transforming power in our neighborhoods, cities, and world.

Please pray for our church-planting efforts and consider joining in on God’s vision for the West.