November Update – Christian Cryder

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Hey friends, greetings from Austin. It’s been six months since I last wrote, so it’s high time I catch you up, both on a personal and church/work level. You might want to grab a cup of coffee or a beer (I’ve got mine). First, Malachi is doing extremely well. You may recall that he had two major surgeries this past summer – first in May to remove his colon, then again in July to reconnect the new “semi-colon” that doctors had fashioned from his small intestine. Not what you look forward to as a 28 year old. And he’s still got autoimmune hepatitis, celiacs, and PCS liver disease to deal with. But he no longer has colitis! He has recovered remarkably well, and he and Jordan are neck deep in the life of the church again (more on that in a moment). Right now, however, he’s taking a month-long sabbatical to hunt and fish in […]

Does God Look Like the People in our Churches?

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Kylie Ray Tesalona slid into the world nine seconds after 2017 clocked in as the new year. That made her the first baby born on U.S. soil in the new year. People on tiny Guam were ecstatic. Her parents, Mina and Allen Tesalona, considered her a miracle. Kylie’s grandparents flew all the way from the Philippines to celebrate. A local bank donated $500 for a future college fund. It seemed the entire community poured what riches and love it had into Kylie’s life. In our church in Littleton, a lovely, elderly widow sews a quilt for every baby born or adopted to our congregation. People visit and provide meals. Then some time later, we officially welcome the child into the community through the sacrament of baptism and invite the child to be loved by God through her family and the congregation. In so doing, we dedicate ourselves to lives of loving God and neighbor in […]

5 Reasons Established Churches Should Plant Churches

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by Ed Stetzer from Christianity Today  Most people know me I love church planting. I’ve done extensive research on the topic, written books about it and even planted churches. In addition to my love for church planting, however, I also love established churches. I’m as passionate about church revitalization as I am about church planting. While some may see the two as mutually exclusive, I’m most excited about where the two overlap: churches planting churches. Pastors of established churches should be engaged in church planting. Here are five reasons why. Church planting reaches lost people. The first reason is simple. It’s one on which, hopefully, all pastors – both planters and established can agree. Lost people need Jesus. This is one that hits me personally, because I grew up in a non-Christian family. Most of my extended family members are not believers. Recently, however, two of my family members have met Christ through church plants. […]